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By developing and administering this customer safety information program, the Propane Council of Texas(ProCOT) is not assuming any duties, responsibilities or obligations. ProCOT expressly reject any liability from anyone regarding their development of and administration of the customer safety information program. ProCOT expressly states that by administering the program, they are not warranting that any propane marketer that participates in the program necessarily satisfies any duty, responsibility or obligation that any propane marketer may have with respect to customer safety information. ProCOT also states this program is not designed to be or construed as a comprehensive or exhaustive customer safety information program on propane safety issues. Nor is the brochure to be distributed as part of this program designed to be or construed as a comprehensive or exhaustive document on all propane safety issues. Any duty, obligation or responsibility to develop and administer customer safety information program lies with the individual propane marketers, using additional and/or alternative materials, methods and mechanisms available to specific marketer, depending on its particular and specific circumstances and situations.